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Shanghai DE the forklift truck and the logistics equipment production base in neijiang


TangLiMin LiuChengMing etc to attend signing ceremony

December 28 morning, neijiang economic development zone and the Shanghai's administrative committee electrical machinery (group) Co。, LTD。 Signed agreement, this marks the upper head forklifts and logistics equipment production base project has formally settled in neijiang。 City leaders TangLiMin, LiuChengMing, RenXiaoChun, ZhuYun, ZhangYuan, YouWeiKang, Shanghai DE the mechanical and electrical (group) Co。, LTD, executive chairman ZhengYouWei, the provincial government office in Shanghai, China construction bank sichuan branch officials attended the signing ceremony。

According to information, the sichuan's forklift truck and the logistics equipment production project always invests 1 ~ 300 million yuan, located in industrial park, north of road west 8. The project plans to introduce the German advanced forklift truck design, process, production technology and management idea, by the international, professional, energy conservation and environmental protection high standards to build the "DEMO" forklift international brand. After this project put into production, production will have 1 ~ 3 tons storage battery trucks, translation forklift and electric car full, 1 ~ 5 tons of diesel forklifts, 1 ~ 10 tons of electric van and power tractor production ability, design production forklift capacity is over 8000 PCS. For four years of project construction, two phases complete; The first phase of the project on December 31, 2009, the construction period started a year; The second phase of the project in February 2013 to fully operative, 2014 2 completed before the end of put into use.

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