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Coney Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. Huzhou
Address:Longquanwu industrial function area, Miaoxi Town,Huzhou City,Zhejiang province,China(mainland)
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Keni logistics remind you: web site has officially on-line!


Huzhou keni logistics equipment Co., LTD, which is a consultation, planning and design, technology development, system integration, manufacturing installation, debugging training as one of the professional companies.

Companies adhering to the "technology innovation" endless enterprise concept, adhere to the progress of science and technology to promote enterprise policy of development, pay attention to market developments, in absorption, digest and advanced technology, on the basis of independent innovation to meet the needs of the market development of a roller machine, belt conveyor, chain plate etc all kinds of new logistics conveyor equipment, and all kinds of the rollers, universal ball, blessing to wheel, fluent and other logistics components. Article

The company will continue to the market demand as the guide, technology innovation as a driving force, the high quality products as the foundation, the customer value as the goal, based on long-term, attention to detail, the pursuit of excellence, make "coney" brand become the logistics industry crowd。

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Address: zhejiang huzhou west jin MAO square on block A 12 A layer 01 room

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 Address:Longquanwu industrial function area, Miaoxi Town,Huzhou City,Zhejiang province,China(mainland)

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